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Maritime Programs

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South Shore Estuary Reserve
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One of our main goals as an organization is to help preserve the traditions of commercial and recreational fishermen. Since the 1700s Long Island’s history has centered on the bays, rivers, oceans and estuaries. Baymen have harvested clams, oysters, eels and killies for their living. They have built garveys and duck boats, bay houses on the marshlands, and traps, nets, and other necessary tools. In the last 50 years the surrounding waters have changed greatly. There are fewer commercial baymen and fishermen today. Yet there is a powerful history being carried on.

Through festivals, school programs, documentaries like "Baymen" and publications such as On The Bay, we hope to raise the awareness of the dangers commercial fishermen and baymen face on the water. Government regulations and pollution have taken their toll on today's generation of fishermen. Where there once was 200 baymen, today there are a few dozen. Long Island Traditions works with advisory committees on the South Shore and the Peconic Estuaries, helping to ensure the continued presence and survival of commercial fishermen.




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