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The Elder Statesmen
Sunday, November 24 at 2 p.m.
1504 Old Country Road, (The Former Source Mall), Food Court, Westbury

The Elder Statesmen are a traditional gospel group consisting of several African American gentlemen whose families emigrated from the South during the Great Migration. They sing a variety of musical formats, including hymns and spirituals, gospel and jubilee, a capella and with instruments. Ted Williams is the longest member of the group, and a composer of many of the songs they sing.

The Elder Statesmen have performed in numerous churches, folk festivals, gospel competitions, and at local events. The music teaches about the cultural legacy of African Americans, and the historical role of gospel music. Their program includes explorations of the musicians’ family histories and how African American culture is reflected in gospel performance. The program is free and open to the public. To make reservations, call (516) 794-2570.

Kenahora (Klezmer Band)
Sunday, December 22 at 2 p.m.
1504 Old Country Road, (The Former Source Mall), Food Court, Westbury

KENAHORA features four preeminent Klezmer musicians. Ken Maltz on clarinet; the father of Klezmer piano, Peter Sokolov; Marty Confurius on bass; and drummer Larry Eagle. They bring their unique brand of music to audiences far and wide. With collectively over 150 of performing years to their credit, the members of Kenahora are truly all-stars and mentors to both musicians and audiences alike.

The program is free and open to the public. To make reservations, call (516) 794-2570.

Waterfront Heroes Exhibit and Programs

Long Island Traditions, City Lore, and folklorists Naomi Sturm and Dan Ward have created a traveling exhibit and programs that explore the living cultural traditions of Long Island and New York City’s waterfront heritage. The Waterfront Heroes exhibit is available to libraries, museums, and other cultural institutions.

The exhibit features contemporary and historic photographs and personal narratives, centered on a wide variety of tradition bearers, painters, and those seeking to preserve maritime culture and traditions in their communities. They include the South Shore Bay House Owners Association, the North Oyster Bay Baymen’s Association, and the South Shore Waterfowlers Association. Representing New York City and Staten Island will be Rocking the Boat, the Sandy Hook Pilots Association, and David Sharps and the Waterfront Museum, among others.

You can see the accompanying videos at YouTube.

For information, contact us at (516) 767-8803 or by email at info@longislandtraditions.org.

“From Shore to Shore” Exhibit

“From Shore to Shore: Boat Builders and Boatyards of Long Island,” curated by LI Traditions is currently on view at Hallockville Museum Farm. The exhibit will be on view from August 24 – December 1. This interpretive exhibit examines the history and traditions of contemporary boat builders and boatyards, exploring their commitment to an endangered way of life in the wake of superstorms, decline in fishing, and the expenses associated with traditional boat building and preserving boatyards. For information call (631) 298-5292 or visit hallockville.com

The exhibit is available for rental to area museums, libraries, and cultural institutions. Inquiries about the exhibit should be sent to info@longislandtraditions.org or by calling (516) 767-8803. The full exhibit consists of 36 framed panels measuring 36" x 38", a historic timeline measuring 15 feet x 3 feet, and an iPad with installed videos. The exhibit can be subdivided according to region, type of boat builders, and types of boatyards.



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