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Pete Ames (Fishing rod maker)

Charlie Balsamo (Master Boat Builder, Restorer and Mentor)

John Buczak (Bayman)

Donn Costanzo (Boat Builder and Restorer)

John Davi (Lobsterman)

Bob Doxsee (Deep sea clamming)

Ducks Unlimited (Waterfowl conservation)

Chris Hale (Boat Builder and Model Maker)

Bill Hamilton (Bayman)

Tom Jefferies (Bayman)

Paul Ketcham (Boat Builder and Restorer)

Anders Langendal (Master Boat Builder and Restorer)

Lenny Nilson (Bait fisherman)

Howard Pickerell (Boat builder and bayman)

John Remsen Jr. (Bait fisherman)

John Remsen Sr. (Boat builder)

George Rigby, Jr. (Master fisherman, duck hunter, and decoy carver)

Joey Scavone (Fisherman)

Flo Sharkey (Clammer)

Tony Sougstad (Dragger fisherman)

Tommy Stewart (Decoy carver/Shorebirds)

Kenny Swaine (Clamshell artist)

Chuck Tekula (Bayman and Fisherman)

Larry Udell (Decoy carver)

Pete Wenczel (Fisherman and bayman)






Maritime Artists

Fishermen and baymen, duck hunters and decoy carvers, clamshell artists and lifeguards are just some of the tradition bearers featured here. Through oral histories, Long Island Traditions has documented dozens of those committed to preserving a life on the water. Most are participants in our maritime education programs or festivals and museum programs.

If you would like to arrange an event, please call us at (516) 767-8803 or e-mail us at info@longislandtraditions.org.

Don’t forget to visit our Maritime Programs and Events pages for information on upcoming programs.



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