Waterfront Heroes Exhibit

The Waterfront Heroes exhibit is now available to local libraries, museums and cultural institutions. The exhibit was curated by LI Traditions, City Lore and folklorists Naomi Sturm and Dan Ward.

Ten heroes are profiled, including the South Shore Bay House Owners Association, the North Oyster Bay Baymen’s Association, the South Shore Waterfowlers, the Sandy Hook Pilots Association, painter Naima Rauam, Adam Green, founder of Rocking the Boat, Waterfront Museum founder David Sharps, and steam whistle collector Conrad Milster. Waterfront Heroes features contemporary and historic photographs, personal narratives and curated video from a wide variety of tradition bearers, painters, and those seeking to preserve maritime culture and traditions.

For information on hosting the exhibit contact us at info@longislandtraditions.org.

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