Long Island Traditions sponsors “Boating with the Baymen” a boat tour with local baymen and other maritime tradition bearers. This event is a unique educational opportunity to learn about the traditions of local baymen, commercial fishermen, decoy carvers, boat builders, clamshell artists, and other tradition bearers whose families have lived on the water for several generations. The tour takes place in different communities each year, in either late spring or early fall. It is a great way to learn about the region’s maritime culture from the men and women who have learned the occupational and recreational traditions of their ancestors.

The presenters have an extensive background and have been documented through ongoing fieldwork conducted by Long Island Traditions throughout the year. The tour gives visitors the opportunity to ask about their passions and downfalls in a family-oriented environment. For information about this and other events, go to the events page.

To read more about the experience of Bill Drago, editor of “Loving Long Island.com”  on this trip, click here.

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