Building Address: 647 Middle Road

Section / Block / Lot:

Surveyor’s Name: Jackie Peu-Duvallon
Survey Date:  May 2004

Building Type: Garage

Owner’s Name:

Building Name: N/A

Date of Construction: ca. 1860

Architect: N/A

Building Dimensions:

No. of Floors: 2

Decorative Features: Corner boards, fascia trim, hood moldings

Siding Material(s): Wood clapboard

Roof Style: Eave front gable end

Roofing Material(s): Asphalt shingle

Foundation: Unknown

Window Style(s): 2/2 double hung originals with storm guards set in front of them

No. of Entrances and Placement: One door and one garage door on the west façade, one side door on the north façade. .

Chimneys and Placement: None

Condition: Good

Architectural Integrity: High; the garage appears unaltered except that its roofing material has been replaced.

Architectural Style: Industrial

This garage stands two stories high and has an eave front gable end roof. There is a shed-roofed lean-to at the rear of the building. The front façade features a door and a braced garage door. The building is clad in red-painted wood shingle with white-painted trim. The roofs are clad in asphalt shingle. Decorative elements include fascia trim and corner boards. The windows at the gable ends are two-over-two double hung originals with storm guards set in front of them.

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