Building Address: 8 Oak Street

Section / Block / Lot:

Surveyor’s Name: Jackie Peu-Duvallon

Survey Date:  May 2004

Building Type: Garage

Owner’s Name:

Building Name: N/A

Date of Construction: ca. 1910

Architect: N/A

Building Dimensions:

No. of Floors: 1

Decorative Features: Exposed rafters

Siding Material(s): Wood shingle

Roof Style: Gable

Roofing Material(s): Asphalt shingle

Foundation: Concrete block

Window Style(s): 1/1 double hung originals

No. of Entrances and Placement: A pair of garage doors on the south elevation

Chimneys and Placement: None

Condition: Poor

Architectural Integrity: High; the original roofing material has been replaced but the garage retains all its other original details, even its original hardware.

Architectural Style: Vernacular Arts and Crafts

This garage gives a glimpse of what 8 Oak Street looked like before its roof was altered. The garage’s gable roof features exposed rafters, typical of the Arts and Crafts style. The garage is one story and has a rectangular plan. It is clad in brown-painted wood shingle and asphalt shingle roofing. The original pair of garage doors on the south façade is painted green, including their glass panes, and feature their original hinge straps and latch. Pairs of original one-over-one double hung windows feature on the sides.

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