Building Address: 8 Oak Street

Section / Block / Lot:

Surveyor’s Name: Jackie Peu-Duvallon

Survey Date:  May 2004

Building Type: House

Owner’s Name:  

Building Name: N/A

Date of Construction: ca. 1910

Architect: N/A

Building Dimensions:

No. of Floors:  1.5

Decorative Features:  Exposed rafters, fascia trim

Siding Material(s): Wood shingle

Roof Style: Eave front gable end

Roofing Material(s): Asphalt shingle

Foundation: Concrete block

Window Style(s): 1/1 double hung originals with storm guards set in front of them

No. of Entrances and Placement: One front door on the south elevation

Chimneys and Placement: One exterior gable end brick chimney

Condition: Good

Architectural Integrity: Moderate; the original roofing material has been replaced and the front porch has been enclosed.

Architectural Style: Vernacular Arts and Crafts

This small vernacular Arts and Crafts cottage stands one and a half stories and has an eave front gable end roof. The house features a gabled projection on the front façade as well as a small gable dormer. An entrance foyer is created by the enclosed porch. The house is clad in light-brown painted wood shingle with cream-painted trim. Its roof is clad in asphalt shingle. Its likely that the original details of the roof were removed when the current roof was installed; the only exposed rafters that remain are located on the rear gable projection. The windows throughout the house are one-over-one double hung originals with storm guards set in front of them. An exterior brick chimney is located at the west façade’s gable end.

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