Building Address: beach on the west side of the Town Dock, foot of Bellport Lane

Section / Block / Lot:   

Surveyor’s Name: Jayme Breschard

Survey Date: July 7, 2004

Building Type: recreation

Owner’s Name: Bellport Village

Building Name: Bellport Village Marina gazebo

Date of Construction: ca. 1950


Building Dimensions: 16’ diameter

No. of Floors: 1

Decorative Features: closed rail around perimeter and exposed roof rafters  

Siding Material(s): open-air with wooden post supports

Roof Style: circular with six planes and a low-pitched tent cap

Roofing Material(s): horizontal boards

Foundation: wooden posts

Window Style(s): open-air

No. of Entrances and Placement: egress on south and north elevations

Chimneys and Placement: none

Condition: good

Architectural Integrity: wood needs perpetual cleaning due to salt water air

Architectural Style: vernacular

The Bellport Village Marina’s gazebo sits just west of the Town Dock and Bellport Bay Yacht Clubhouse, on the 1.90-acre parcel owned by Bellport Village.

Historical Information:
Although not the original gazebo, there has always been an open-air shelter, or “summerhouse,” at the foot of Bellport Lane. In Figure 2, the gazebo is referred to as the “summerhouse of the old Bay House” in Victor Principe’s book, Images of America: Bellport Village and Brookhaven Hamlet. This puts the gazebo in operation since ca. 1874, when the luxury hotel was built. The Bay House was sold in 1900 to the Jewish Working Girls’ Vacation Society of New York in 1900. In 1946, it became a summer camp for boys at the Admiral John Paul Jones Naval Academy. The building was removed in 1950 by Bellport Village to develop the land as a public park. The remains of the Bay House’s porch were used in the 1950s as a bandstand.

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