(Possible speakeasy)

Building Address: 135 Woodlawn Avenue

Section / Block / Lot:

Surveyor’s Name:  Cristina Muia

Survey Date: 9/04

Building Type: domestic home

Owner’s Name:  Ann

Building Name:

Date of Construction: 1927


Building Dimensions:

No. of Floors:

Decorative Features: Spanish ceramic roof tile, decorative arched casement windows,

Siding Material(s):  Stucco

Roof Style:  Spanish tile roof

Roofing Material(s): Spanish tile


Window Style(s):

No. of Entrances and Placement: 

Chimneys and Placement: 


Architectural Integrity:  very good

Architectural Style:  Spanish colonial


According to the present owner, this house may have once been a speakeasy; a next door neighbor confirmed the story. Tom Green suggested that after the Vanderbilt estate was sold to developers in the late 1920’s, the developers wanted to build homes that would better fit with the canals seen throughout the property.  Many of the houses built by Burke Associates and marketed through the E.A.White Organization of New York City were Spanish stucco in style. This type of architecture was populat at that time.  In an advertising brochure, promoting their new “Idle Hour development,” it notes the following, “To those who love bathing, boating, sailing and fishing, Idle Hour will be ideal, with the Great South Bay on one side, the Connetquot River on another and about 3 miles of canals of fresh running water winding through the estate.”

“Idle Hour”  E.A. White Organization. Published through Communications Service Center by the Restoration Committee W.K. Vanderbilt. Dowling College.

Interview with Tom Green.

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