Building Address: 162 Central Blvd.

Section / Block / Lot:

Surveyor’s Name: Cristina Muia

Survey Date: 9/04

Building Type:

Owner’s Name: Rhoda (no last name given)

Building Name:

Date of Construction: 1902

Architect:  Richard Howland Hunt

Builders: William Bason and Sons of Sayville

Building Dimensions:

No. of Floors:2

Decorative Features: dormer windows, brick gable end chimney. Exposed roof rafters.

Siding Material(s):  Clapboard.

Roof Style:  Gable

Roofing Material(s): Asphalt.


Window Style(s):  Double hung sash and dormer casement.

No. of Entrances and Placement: 

Chimneys and Placement:  Gable end exterior.

Condition: Good.

Architectural Integrity:  Good.

Architectural Style:  Georgian

It is a four bay two and a half story Georgian brick structure.  It has a hip roof with two gable roof dormers. Today it is a private residence. Tom Green mentioned that the interior is very dark.  The rear side (west) was built without windows.

The Vanderbilts had this building designed in order to raise their own plants for landscaping Idle Hour. Nicknamed the Toolhouse and potting shed, the house is situated at the southern end of Central Blvd.

Dowling College. “The Estate and Environs.”

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