Building Address:  178 Old Stump Road

Section / Block / Lot:     

Surveyor’s Name:  Jayme Breschard

Survey Date:  June 11, 2004

Building Type:  residence

Owner’s Name:  Barbara Anne Kresse

Building Name:     

Date of Construction:  ca. 1921


Building Dimensions:  44’ x 27’

No. of Floors:  1 ½

Decorative Features:  large shed dormer, pedimented entry porch with posts and vergeboard, and exposed roof rafters

Siding Material(s):  wood shingle, sawed, coursed

Roof Style:  side-gabled 

Roofing Material(s):  asphalt shingle, plain

Foundation:  brick (running bond)

Window Style(s):  six-over-six double-hung sash with four-light exterior storm windows, six-light casement windows; some with and without fanlights

No. of Entrances and Placement:  centered French doors (full casement) on east façade

Chimneys and Placement:  exterior brick end-wall and interior brick slope chimneys

Condition:  excellent

Architectural Integrity:  one-story half-hipped addition on south elevation

Architectural Style:  Bungalow Cottage

The building at 178 Old Stump Road sits on the west side of the road.  A gravel east-west path runs along the south elevation of the building into the rear (west) lot. 

Historical Information: 
According to current homeowner, Barbara Anne Kresse, the building at 178 Old Stump Road was one of many temporary buildings from the U.S. Army’s Camp Upton, presently the site of Brookhaven National Laboratory, which was converted into a residence.  Camp Upton was one of sixteen cantonments erected across the country to train the New York area inductees when the United States entered the First World War in 1917.  With the war’s end in November of 1918, the Army decided that Camp Upton was of no further use and deactivated the camp.  In August of 1921, a public auction emptied the Yaphank base of all its contents including household wares and appliances to complete structures.  During World War II, the camp was rebuilt primarily as an induction center for draftees and as a rehabilitation hospital for the returning wounded.

Brookhaven National Laboratory.  Yaphank, New York; available from; Internet; accessed 12 July 2004.

Gottfried, Herbert and Jan Jennings. American Vernacular Design, 1870-1940. New York: Van Norstrand Reinhold, 1985.

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