Building Address:  3 Newey Lane

Section / Block / Lot:     

Surveyor’s Name:  Jayme Breschard

Survey Date:  June 2, 2004

Building Type:  residence

Owner’s Name:  David and Barbara Copeland

Building Name:     

Date of Construction:  ca. 1870


Building Dimensions:  50’ x 36’

No. of Floors:  2

Decorative Features:  Tuscan column supports for the west façade’s entry porch and wraparound porch (extends from the façade to the north elevation), vertical plank shutters, scroll-sawn brackets under both the three-sided and squared bay windows, and gable louvers

Siding Material(s):  sawed wood shingle and vertical clapboards on the walls and fishscale shingles in the gable ends

Roof Style:  cross-gabled roof with a half-hipped veranda that wraps around from the façade (west) to the north elevation and a shed roof entry (on façade)

Roofing Material(s):  asphalt shingle, plain

Foundation:  wall cladding extends to the ground

Window Style(s):  paired six-over-six double-hung sash, paired four-light casement, paired one-over-one double-hung sash, round arch transoms, and three-sided and squared bay windows

No. of Entrances and Placement:  off-centered entrance on the west façade and rear (east) entry

Chimneys and Placement: two interior concrete (stucco and block) chimneys in the rear and an exterior end-wall chimney on the north elevation, enclosed by the screened veranda

Condition:  good

Architectural Integrity:  The wraparound porch has been screened on the north elevation.  On the west façade, the wraparound porch has been enclosed.  On the south elevation, a conservatory with a brick foundation has been added.  

Architectural Style:  Organic Colonial Cottage

The building at 3 Newey Lane sits on the corner of Beaver Dam Road and Newey Lane.  Two outbuildings sit in the rear (east) and south lots.  At the end of the gravel east-west drive is a one-story front-gabled garage with three bays that is covered with diagonal wood siding.  To the south is a steeply-pitched side-gabled outbuilding with vertical wood siding and a shed-roof entry.

Historical Information: 
According to the 1873 Atlas of Long Island, Ebenezer Albin owned the building presently located at 3 Newey Lane (Newey Lane is not shown on the map).  The building sits on the south side of Beaver Dam Road (then known as South Street).

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