Building Address: 5 East Shore Road

Section / Block / Lot:  352/3/11 Suffolk district 500.

Surveyors Names: Nancy Solomon

Survey Date: 9/07

Building Type: cottages

Owner’s Name: Ginny Fields

Building Name: 

Date of Construction: c.1944

Architect: unknown

Building Dimensions:  approximately 20 (front) x 10 (side) principal block and side wing addition.

No. of Floors:1

Decorative Features: novelty siding, window shutters

Siding Material(s):novelty

Roof Style: Hip

Roofing Material(s): asphalt

Foundation: none

Window Style(s): double hung sash (replacements)

No. of Entrances and Placement:  1 in side wing porch entrance.

Chimneys and Placement: 

Condition:  Good

Architectural Integrity:  High

Architectural Style:  Vernacular cottage

This is a structure typical of summer cottages constructed during 1930-40 as seasonal residences.  The cottage retains many historic elements including its original floor plan, sheathing, porch and fenestration.  Surrounded by historic trees, it has changed little since its original construction.

Oakdale had a series of summer cottages built during the 1930s and 40s that were sold or rented through advertisements in local newspapers as well as the New York Times.  Sale prices ranged from $400 – $700.  In addition some Queens developers such as the Schaefer corporation also sold lots in the same price range.

This cottage and 7 E. Shore Road were built by George & Mary Veres, who had purchased the property from Kenneth & Anne Duncan on May 23, 1944.  At the time of the sale the Duncans were living separately outside of New York State.  The Veres then sold the lots and structures to Helen Van Essendelft on December 22, 1944.  At the time Helen was living at Somerset Avenue in Cambridge, Maryland, on the eastern shore.  The Van Essendelfts also bought the lots across the street where they built their house, which remains standing.  The E. Shore Road property was originally part of William K. Aston estate in the early 1900s.

New York Times, May 27, 1934, classified ad.

Suffolk County court records.

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