Building Address:  6 Burnett Lane

Section / Block / Lot:     

Surveyor’s Name:  Jayme Breschard

Survey Date:  June 30, 2004

Building Type:  residence

Owner’s Name:  Mary Ann Fath

Building Name: 

Date of Construction:  ca. 1868


Building Dimensions:  29’ x 24’ 

No. of Floors:  2
Decorative Features:  pedimented frontispiece (broken pediment) with sidelights, cornerboards, gable louvers, and a date panel

Siding Material(s):  clapboard

Roof Style:  saltbox

Roofing Material(s):  asphalt shingle, plain

Foundation:  concrete

Window Style(s):  six-over-six and eight-over-eight double-hung sash, six-light casement, and three-sided bay windows

No. of Entrances and Placement:  centered glass door on façade (east) and rear (west) entry

Chimneys and Placement:  exterior brick end-wall (north) and interior slope pipe chimney

Condition:  good

Architectural Integrity:  modification of roof, ca. 1970, and new fenestration throughout building

Architectural Style:  Colonial Saltbox Cottage

The building at 6 Burnett Lane sits on the west side of the street.  An asphalt drive runs along the north elevation of the building to a side-gabled double-car garage in the rear (west) lot with vertical weatherboard siding, roll-up garage doors, and a wood shingle roof.

Historical Information: 
This home was the residence of Elbert (Albert) Albin then gained title on March 4, 1868 and retained ownership until December 22, 1891.  His wife, Hannah, and son, Chauncey, were recorded as owners from March 7, 1890 to December 22, 1891, suggesting Elbert’s death about 1890.  He appeared on the 1870 census in Fire Place (now Brookhaven Hamlet) in the Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, New York as a fisherman.  He later appeared on the 1880 census as a bayman.  Elbert Albin is the brother of Robert S. Albin who owned and operated a grocery store in the building that is currently located at 340 Beaver Dam Road.

The building transferred ownership ca. 1970 from George Bishop to the Fath family.  They remodeled the building to its current appearance.


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