Building Address:  121 Central Blvd

Section / Block / Lot:

Surveyor’s Name: Cristina Muia

Survey Date: 9/04

Building Type: Utilitarian engineer building and residence

Owner’s Name:

Building Name:

Date of Construction:  1904


Building Dimensions:

No. of Floors:

Decorative Features:

Siding Material(s):

Roof Style:

Roofing Material(s):


Window Style(s):

No. of Entrances and Placement: 

Chimneys and Placement: 


Architectural Integrity: 

Architectural Style:  English style

This two- story structure has brick and half-timbered sheathing, and is a good example of late-19th century English style architecture found in the accessory buildings on the Vanderbilt estate.

This site is called the Engineer’s house, situated across the street from the Power House which supplied modern light and heat to the Vanderbilt mansion.   The location was most likely chosen because the engineer needed to constantly survey the power house building. According to an Idle Hour employee list, Charles Steillik was the Powerhouse caretaker until 1927.

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