Building Address:  310 Conklin Avenue

Section / Block / Lot:    

Surveyor’s Name:  Jayme Breschard

Survey Date:  August 4, 2004

Building Type:  residence

Owner’s Name:  James and Rita Duffy

Building Name:    

Date of Construction:  ca. 1926 – 1947


Building Dimensions:  40’ x 24’

No. of Floors:  2 ½

Decorative Features:  full-width one-story porch, enclosed with one-over-one double-hung sash windows, and gable louvers

Siding Material(s):  painted wood shingle, sawed, coursed

Roof Style:  front-gabled

Roofing Material(s):  asphalt shingle, plain

Foundation:  concrete

Window Style(s):  paired and single one-over-one and six-over-six double-hung sash windows

No. of Entrances and Placement:  entrance door centered on façade (east)

Chimneys and Placement:  interior slope pipe chimneys
Condition:  fair

Architectural Integrity:  Both the full-width one-story porch on the façade (east) and the rear (west) entry porch have been enclosed.  A window centered in the façade’s gable end has been removed (disparity in shingle color).  Several original windows have been replaced.

Architectural Style:  Open-Gable Cottage

The building at 310 Conklin Avenue sits on the west side of the street.  A concrete slab sits near the road in the front (east) lot. 

Historical Information: 
The building at 310 Conklin Avenue first appears on an updated Sanborn Fire Insurance Map of October, 1926 (through July, 1947).  However, the building does not exist on the original Sanborn Fire Insurance Map of October, 1926.  Sometime between October, 1926 and July, 1947, a one-story garage was built in the rear (west) lot.  This structure no longer exists.

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Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps.  Patchogue, New York: February 1910, October 1916, and October 1926 (updated through July 1947); available from Internet; accessed 9 August 2004.

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