Frederick Ockers Oyster House-Unit Three

Building Address:  138 Atlantic Avenue

Section / Block / Lot:    

Surveyor’s Name:  Jayme Breschard

Survey Date:  August 9, 2004

Building Type:  recreation

Owner’s Name:  West Sayville Boat Basin

Building Name:  Frederick Ockers Oyster House (Unit Three)

Date of Construction:  ca. 1900 (the one-and-a-half-story clapboard addition on the pier, ca. 1925)


Building Dimensions:  60’ x 20’      

No. of Floors:  1 ½

Decorative Features:  projecting eave along east elevation

Siding Material(s):  natural wood shingle and clapboard

Roof Style:  cross-gabled

Roofing Material(s):  asphalt shingle, plain

Foundation:  concrete   

Window Style(s):  single six-over-six and one-over-one double-hung sash and nine-light casement windows

No. of Entrances and Placement:  single sliding doors on the façade (south) and east elevation and double cross-batten doors on the rear (north) elevation

Chimneys and Placement:  interior slope brick and interior slope pipe chimneys

Condition:  good

Architectural Integrity:  original wall cladding; mixture of original and replacement windows

Architectural Style:  vernacular maritime/industrial

The building at 138 Atlantic Avenue sits in-between the southern ends of West Avenue and Atlantic Avenue. An asphalt parking lot borders on the rear (north) elevation and the West Sayville Boat Basin on its façade (south).

Historical Information: 
According to Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, this building was one of three units that configured the Frederick Ockers Oyster House (from around February 1909 to around August 1949). Unit Three served as the oyster opening and storage facility.

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Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps.  Sayville, New York: February 1909, September 1915, and June 1925 (updated through August 1949); available from ; Internet; accessed 16 August 2004.

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