On Saturday, June 10 at 2 pm come celebrate Juneteenth with the Elder Statesmen at the East Meadow Library (1886 Front Street East Meadow, NY, 11554-1700) The Elder Statesmen are a traditional gospel group consisting of several African American gentlemen whose families emigrated from the south during the Great Migration. On average the members are over 60 and their name “characterizes who they are collectively”.  The group consists of Teddy Williams, Tony Santodonato, Arthur Johnson and others. They sing a variety of musical formats including hymns and spirituals, gospel and jubilee acapella-style and with instruments.  Ted Williams is the longest member of the group, and a composer of many of the songs they sing.

Registration will begin on Friday, May 26, 2023 at 9:00 AM  at https://eastmeadow.info/