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Join us at LICM to experience the delights of maritime folk art from the following artists:
Tom Jefferies: Bayman from Freeport who harvests a variety of species in the nearby bay waters, including clams, mussels, striped bass, and bait crabs. He has learned to target specific species in order to sustain his livelihood as a commercial fisherman.
George Rigby: Bayman and decoy carver from Center Moriches on Long Island. He has worked as a clammer, eel harvester, and commercial fisherman, and is active in the South Shore Waterfowler’s Association.
Bill Fetzer: Bayman from Oyster Bay who works year-round harvesting clams, wild oysters, eels, and killies using handmade traps, nets, and rakes. He is an active member of the North Oyster Bay Baymen’s Association and has spent most of his life working on the bay.
Chris Hale: Traditional boat builder who creates half models of various recreational and commercial boats using various types of wood and specialized tools. He has built over 100 models and plans to continue for years to come, following in the footsteps of boat builders like Fred Scopinich and Paul Ketcham.
Craig Oddo: Full-time bayman and fisherman from Glen Cove on Long Island who catches eels, conch, clams, and other types of fish and shellfish using a garvey boat. He works in Hempstead Harbor, Oyster Bay, and Cold Spring Harbor, and also enjoys duck hunting.
Russell Bucking: Full-time bayman from Babylon who harvests crabs, clams, and other shellfish in Great South Bay using tongs and rakes in his garvey boat. In his spare time, he also makes model boats.
Anthony Gillespie: Boat captain and avid fisherman who works on Captain Lou’s Fleet in Freeport and enjoys teaching people how to catch fish and the best places to go fishing. He works year-round, including during the winter, and also enjoys fishing for fun in his free time.
Mark C. Nuccio: Poet and artist from Bellmore who is inspired by the beauty, history, and preservation of Long Island’s waters. His work often reflects his observations of the tides, wildlife, and native plants and animals on the south shore.