We are excited to announce that Long Island Traditions has been awarded five $10,000 Artists Grants from the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA). As a non-profit organization dedicated to documenting, presenting, and preserving the traditional culture and architecture of Long Island, these grants will allow us to continue our mission of supporting and uplifting local artists and paying tribute to the region’s diverse ethnic cultures.

The grants will be used to sponsor five talented artists, including fisherman Chuck Tekula, Steelband musician Ian Japsi, fiber artist Joan Hodges, author and musician Rahel Musleah, and Tabla teacher Sejal Kukadia. Each artist has proposed a unique project that is rooted in their personal identity and ethnic heritage. For example, Chuck Tekula will create a series of songs and poems about his experiences working on the waters, Ian Japsi will develop new Steelband arrangements, Joan Hodges will create a quilt exploring the African American experience, Rahel Musleah will create a memoir in words and music, and Sejal Kukadia will develop new works that explore traditional melodies and contemporary rhythms.

We are thrilled to receive these grants from NYSCA, as they will allow us to continue our mission as well as support and uplift the musicians, artists, and craftspeople who serve important functions within their communities. The grants will provide funding for these exciting projects, allowing the artists to continue their work and share it with the public. We can’t wait to see what these talented artists will create with the support of these grants.