Photo: Baywoman Flo Sharkey

Among Dwindling Baymen, a Baywoman Holds On – Flo Sharkey, 72, of Patchogue on the south shore of Long Island, has been clamming since she could walk and still makes her living on the bay, even as that way of live has all but faded.

Photo: Bayman Corey Weyant

Bayman Cory Weyant shared some of his stories about working on the bay over many years with folklorist Nancy Solomon of Long Island Traditions. This video is part of the Freeport Waters exhibit which opened in 2016.

Photo: North Oyster Baymen

Baymen have harvested shellfish in Oyster Bay and neighboring harbors starting with the Native Americans in pre-colonial times. A small but dedicated group of shellfish diggers continues these traditions, using the same techniques as those of previous generations. As bayman Bill Painter says “The baymen are still harvesting clams the same way for the last […]

Bill Fetzer: Bayman Bill Fetzer is an independent bayman from Bayville who works in Oyster Bay harbor on Long Island. He is active in the North Oyster Bay Baymen’s Association. The North Oyster Bay Baymen’s Association was part of our Waterfront Heroes exhibit. View videos about our Waterfront Heroes here. “I first started clamming with […]