Ethnic Folk Arts Program

Our ethnic folk arts programs are geared for grades 4 – 10. We offer them remotely and in class. They include programs on Native Americans, European ethnic groups, recent immigrants from Central and South America, and African Americans. All the programs weave personal histories of struggle and hardship, perseverance and prosperity, isolation and building community with the artistic traditions learned within their daily lives.

These art forms are creative and engaging, representing several generations of cultural expressions that have been passed down through community and family based activities, ranging from celebrations of life and death, to craft traditions that fulfilled simple needs.

Daily fees are based on a combination of auditorium presentations and three in-class workshops of 45 minutes/class. Costs for staff development workshops are $300 – $500/day.

Elementary School Programs are designed as two-five day residencies, with more than two – three ensembles or artists participating. Schools are required to allocate sufficient release time for staff development workshops and evaluation. Funding is available through BOCES.

Middle & Junior High School Programs are designed as 5 day programs that examine the specific experiences of 3 or more ethnic groups, to be integrated into English or Social Studies curriculum. Students are encouraged to conduct family interviews and artist interviews as part of the program. Staff development workshops are required and held before or after school hours.

Senior High School programs are designed as 2 – 4 day presentations in which artists address cultural history and traditions of their art form, their ethnic group, and their country of origin. Students are expected to conduct artist and family interviews as part of the program. A Staff-development workshop is required.