The Newey-Tooker-Starke Boatyard Building Address:  22 Newey Lane Section / Block / Lot:      Surveyor’s Name:  Jayme Breschard Survey Date:  June 2, 2004 Building Type:  recreation Owner’s Name:  Post-Morrow Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation that preserves and conserves the rural, cultural, and historical character of the hamlet of Brookhaven and surrounding areas in Suffolk County Building Name:   Newey-Tooker-Starke Boatyard Date of […]

By Jayme Breschard Thomann This community was the home of farmers and baymen, boat builders and other residents.  There are several examples of summer homes, mostly built in the 1920s and later.  27 Astor Place is an excellent example of a traditional bungalow with wood clapboard siding, modest 1½ story height, eave front façade with […]