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Newsday profiles Long Island Traditions Director Nancy Solomon. Read the full article. Article courtesy of Newsday

Long Island Traditions conducted a cultural resource survey in West Sayville in 2004.  Preservation planner Jayme Breschard Thomann prepared an in-depth report that can be accessed here. We welcome updates to the survey and additional information.  Please feel free to contact us!

By Jayme Breschard Thomann Long Island’s waterfront communities were first settled by Native Americans who valued the sandy soil on which they could grow corn, tomatoes, squash and other commonplace vegetables. They also harvested abundant fish and shellfish from Great South Bay and the nearby ocean, traveling by canoe and other watercraft.  In the late […]

Fishermen and baymen, duck hunters and decoy carvers, clamshell artists and lifeguards are just some of the tradition bearers featured here. Through oral histories, Long Island Traditions has documented dozens of those committed to preserving a life on the water. Most are participants in our maritime education programs or festivals and museum programs. If you […]

Occupational Folk Artists There are many occupations that stretch back in time. Farmers and fishermen, instrument makers, and railroad workers. Long Island Traditions has documented some of these as part of its ongoing occupational research. Visit these artists to learn more about their time-honored professions. Some of these artists are available for public programs. If […]

By Jayme Breschard Blue Point is part of the Brookhaven Patent from King Charles II, first settled by people in Setauket in 1655. Bayport in Islip is separated from Blue Point in Brookhaven Town by Namkee Creek. The southwest part of Brookhaven where Blue Point is located was not settled by the early colonists, and […]

Bellport is a well preserved historic south shore village that is one of the stars of the south shore estuary.  Settled in the 16th century by English settlers, it was best known for its salt hay that grew on the nearby marshlands.  The small village was isolated until the Long Island Railroad brought residents from […]

There are countless stories and tales told by baymen, bay rats, bay house owners, fishermen and other tradition bearers for both entertainment and to educate friends and neighbors about life on the water. While some stories are humorous, others reflect an appreciation of the bay and the ocean. We hope you enjoy listening to some […]