Photo: Bayman Corey Weyant

Bayman Cory Weyant shared some of his stories about working on the bay over many years with folklorist Nancy Solomon of Long Island Traditions. This video is part of the Freeport Waters exhibit which opened in 2016.

Since at least the days of the ancient Egyptians, hunters have tried to lure waterfowl into range of their nets and weapons with decoys made of rush, reed or wood. Native Americans on Long Island, prior to contact with Europeans in the 17th century, harvested waterfowl for food and plumage. European settlers on Long Island […]

Throughout history there have been tragedies on the ocean and the bay. While many of these have been recorded in history manuscripts, songs, poems and literature, there are also the stories of survivors and family members who recall the deceased. While most fishermen die at home of old age, others die in storms, hurricanes and […]

Photo: Bob Doxsee

Bob Doxsee of Point Lookout, NY grew up on Meadow Island where his family had a fishing camp. Listen to this story about his experiences there, part of Long Island Traditions’ Boating with the Baymen program in 2015.

Bay house owners face unique challenges in building and preserving their homes, due to their location in a precarious maritime environment. Storms and hurricanes, along with frequent vandalism routinely threaten these fragile structures. Hurricane Sandy in 2012 destroyed many of the bay houses, but some remain. Hard work and labor are necessary to maintain the […]

Photo: Brian Warasila

In this video Brian Warasila, a bay house owner, describes the joys and challenges of owning a bay house.

Photo: Bay House Foodways

Listen to stories by bay house owners Brian Warasila and Mary Carson about the traditions of preparing favorite foods harvested from the waters of the bay near their bay houses.

Photo: Bob Doxsee Sr

Bob Doxsee: Deep Sea Clamming by Nancy Solomon Bob Doxsee, the owner of Doxsee Sea Clam Company, which closed in 2013, carried on the traditions of his family, one of the older families to settle on the south shore of Long Island. The Doxsees began as farmers and fishermen, including James H. Doxsee who was […]

Photo: John Remsen

John Remsen is a traditional boat builder from Freeport, NY. He is featured in the Freeport Waters exhibit in Freeport.

Community History and Architecture Long Island Traditions offers this program to grades 6-12. The program focuses on research and writing skills that examine settlement patterns and traditional architecture of Long Island. Field trips and slide shows that examine a community’s architecture are also developed. Long Island Traditions released a teacher resource guide examining the following […]