Bluepoints Oyster Co. Site Surveyor’s Name:  Jackie Peu-Duvallon Survey Date:  January / February 2004 Building Address:   Section / Block / Lot: Building Type:  Industrial sheds Owner’s Name:  Ramco Development Building Name:  Bluepoints Oyster Co. Date of Construction:  Late 19th to early 20th century Architect: Building Dimensions: No. of Floors:  One to two. Decorative Features:   Siding Material(s):  Wood clapboard Roof Styles:  Gable, Cross […]

Building Address:  Montauk Highway Section / Block / Lot: Surveyor’s Name: Cristina Muia Survey Date: 9/04 Building Type:  Boathouse Owner’s Name: St. John’s University Building Name: St. John’s Boathouse Date of Construction: 1908 Architect: Isaac H. Green Building Dimensions: No. of Floors: 2½ Decorative Features: Full gable pediment, cupola, fan light window, Siding Material(s):  stucco Roof Style:  Gable with cross wing Roofing Material(s): Asphalt Foundation:  stone Window Style(s):  double hung […]

Building Address:  121 Central Blvd Section / Block / Lot: Surveyor’s Name: Cristina Muia Survey Date: 9/04 Building Type: Utilitarian engineer building and residence Owner’s Name: Building Name: Date of Construction:  1904 Architect: Building Dimensions: No. of Floors: Decorative Features: Siding Material(s): Roof Style: Roofing Material(s): Foundation: Window Style(s): No. of Entrances and Placement:  Chimneys and Placement:  Condition: Architectural Integrity:  […]

By Nancy Solomon and Cris Muia Oakdale began as part of a royal land grant given to William Nicoll, who founded Islip Town in 1687.  The name Oakdale is said to have come from a Nicoll Descendant in the mid 1800’s. As Betty Kuss of the William K. Vanderbilt Historical Society wrote, “any history of […]

Islip, Oakdale, West Sayville, Sayville, Bellport, Bayport, Patchogue and Brookhaven Hamlet Please visit the survey for tips and suggestions on how to document your house and community. Islip Islip and Great River are two of the oldest communities in the estuary, originally inhabited by the Secatogues, Pentaquit and Connetquot Native American tribes. In the 1600s William […]

Summer Bungalows Since the 1870s out of town residents have built summer homes along the south shore, in order to escape the oppressive heat and high population density of New York City. The most popular communities for summer homes were Freeport, Point Lookout, Long Beach, Babylon, Oak Beach, Fire Island, Bay Shore, Patchogue, Blue Point, […]

Estates The South Shore has long been a haven for industrialists, celebrities, actors and musicians, politicians and other wealthy people.  What began as a summer retreat gave birth to a year-round region of well-healed families, stretching from Atlantic Beach in the west to Westhampton Beach in the east.  They erected monumental houses and estates, along […]