Photo: Long Island Lifeguards

Please join us on Monday, January 25, 2021, at 7 pm, for a virtual screening and discussion of the film “Jones Beach, An American Riviera” in conjunction with the East Meadow Public Library. The film, narrated by Eli Wallach, explores the creation of this New York landmark by American builder, Robert Moses. The film chronicles […]

Photo: Jones Beach Lifeguard Reggie Jones

Listen to lifeguard Reggie Jones describe a daring rescue at Jones Beach. LI Traditions · Reggie Jones on a Rescue at Jones beach

Photo: Long Island Lifeguards

Reggie Jones was the longest serving lifeguard in the history of Jones Beach, from 1942 – 2004. In this story recorded by Dave Isay of Story Corps, Reggie recalls some of his efforts to protect swimmers.

Throughout history there have been tragedies on the ocean and the bay. While many of these have been recorded in history manuscripts, songs, poems and literature, there are also the stories of survivors and family members who recall the deceased. While most fishermen die at home of old age, others die in storms, hurricanes and […]