Building Address:  Montauk Highway Section / Block / Lot: Surveyor’s Name: Cristina Muia Survey Date: 9/04 Building Type:  Boathouse Owner’s Name: St. John’s University Building Name: St. John’s Boathouse Date of Construction: 1908 Architect: Isaac H. Green Building Dimensions: No. of Floors: 2½ Decorative Features: Full gable pediment, cupola, fan light window, Siding Material(s):  stucco Roof Style:  Gable with cross wing Roofing Material(s): Asphalt Foundation:  stone Window Style(s):  double hung […]

Estates The South Shore has long been a haven for industrialists, celebrities, actors and musicians, politicians and other wealthy people.  What began as a summer retreat gave birth to a year-round region of well-healed families, stretching from Atlantic Beach in the west to Westhampton Beach in the east.  They erected monumental houses and estates, along […]