Photo: Damage from the 1938 Hurricane

In this video you will learn about the 1938 Hurricane that struck Long Island on September 21, 1938. Featured are people who remember the storm including Al Grover, Marge and Bill Miller, and former owners of cottages at West Meadow Beach.

West Meadow Beach On Long Island’s north shore near Stony Brook and Setauket once stood the summer bungalow community of West Meadow Beach, constructed during the mid-1920s by local families seeking refuge from the raging flu epidemic that plagued the east coast. Approximately 98 cottages were built during 1923 – 35 that included modest size […]

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Historic Preservation Long Island Traditions focuses on traditional and vernacular architecture, sites and structures built by ordinary individuals for their own needs or those of their community. We work on behalf of those sites that are in danger of demolition, as well as working with communities to preserve their historic past. Long Island Traditions has […]