Building Address: P.O. Box 407, Bellport, NY, 11713

Section / Block / Lot:   

Surveyor’s Name: Jayme Breschard

Survey Date: July 7, 2004

Building Type: recreation

Owner’s Name: Bellport Bay Yacht Club

Building Name: Bellport Bay Yacht Clubhouse

Date of Construction: ca. 1938


Building Dimensions: 30’ x 28’

No. of Floors: 1

Decorative Features: full-width façade porch with an open rail, turned spindles, and porch lattice; a rear entry porch with an open rail, and gable louvers  

Siding Material(s): sawed wood shingle, coursed

Roof Style: front-gabled with flared eaves

Roofing Material(s): asphalt shingle, plain

Foundation: wooden posts and/or concrete or masonry piers

Window Style(s): single and paired six-over-one double-hung and one-over-one double-hung sash windows

No. of Entrances and Placement: centered double glass doors on the façade and rear (north)

Chimneys and Placement: interior ridge brick chimney   

Condition: excellent

Architectural Integrity: roof and wall cladding recently replaced and new fenestration throughout building

Architectural Style: Dutch Revival Cottage

Description: The Bellport Bay Yacht Club building sits at the southern tip of Bellport Lane on the Town Dock. Its façade is on the Great South Bay. At the building’s rear (north) is the parking field for the Bellport Village Marina and beach. The 1.00-acre land east of the Town Dock is owned by Brookhaven Town. The 1.90-acre land west of the Town Dock is owned by Bellport Village.

Historical Information: In 1881, the Bellport Village Improvement Association was formed. They advocated cleaning and planting maple trees along Bellport’s streets. The association was replaced in 1900 by the Bellport Village Improvement Society. This society raised funds for lamp posts, improved the grounds around the railroad station, and employed a counsel to bring about the reopening of the dock space at the foot of Bellport Lane. This area had been closed off for general use when the Jewish Working Girls’ Vacation Society acquired the Bay House around 1900. (This building later became a summer camp for boys at the Admiral John Paul Jones Naval Academy and was removed by Bellport Village in 1950 for a public park.) In 1956, Bellport Village bought the Town Dock from the Town of Brookhaven.

The original Bellport Bay Yacht Clubhouse was built ca. 1899. It stood on the bluffs overlooking the Great South Bay, just west of Academy Lane. This clubhouse, a two-story Open-Gable Cottage with wraparound porch, was shared by both the Bellport Golf Club and the Bellport Bay Yacht Club. The Bellport Golf Club was incorporated in 1899 and was the progenitor of the Bellport Bay Yacht Club, which was later organized at a meeting at the Goldthwaite Hotel. In 1917, the golf club acquired “The Locusts,” former residence of George P. Mills and later Frank Alleyne Otis, for an eighteen hole golf course just off South Country Road. The clubhouse was then used exclusively by the yacht club.

At the time of the first club race held on August 4, 1906, the foot of Bellport Lane was a natural strip of land without any bulkhead. Only a narrow dock lined the sandspit’s eastern edge. The J.W. Overton Lumberyard sat on the east side of the dock, just south of Shore Road (known then as Bay Avenue).

After 1921, the modern one-story rectangular building was built at the foot of the dock. The original clubhouse was moved north on Academy Lane and remodeled into a home. The Bellport Bay Yacht Clubhouse was rebuilt after the 1938 hurricane.

Today, Bellport Village owns the land west of Bellport Lane, south of Shore Road, as well as the marina and about forty-acres from the shoreline into the Great South Bay. The Town of Brookhaven owns the land east of Bellport Lane and south of Shore Road. The Bellport Village Marina boasts over 150 berths; including one specifically for the village-owned ferry, the “Whalehouse Point.” The marina features park-like grounds, a launching ramp, an expansive area for fishing and crabbing, a picturesque gazebo, playground, and bandshell where village-sponsored summer concerts are conducted. The Town of Brookhaven’s parcel also exhibits park-like grounds and an open-air shelter.


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