Architecture of the Estuary

South Shore Architectue Photo

South Shore Architecture

The architecture of the South Shore is a very complex and diverse region, spanning from the Colonial Era to the suburban communities throughout the region.  Our goal on this site is to examine maritime architecture in its various forms that were built for ordinary people, wealthy waterfront estate owners and commercial uses. The range is enormously striking; modest baymen’s houses like Cory Weyant’s home in Freeport, West Sayville’s Rudolph Oyster House, listed as a National Historic Landmark, or the Sportsmen’s Club in Connetquot State Park reveal a heritage where people made their living off the water, while others hosted elaborate weekend parties and hunting excursions.

In the following pages you will learn about the different types of structures that are part of the estuary’s architectural heritage.  Sadly many of these sites are endangered, as new owners replace them, while others add onto them in dramatically different ways.  We hope you will join us in our efforts to both document and preserve them.  See our survey toolkit so that you can be part of our grassroots preservation efforts.