Surveys & Research Long Island Traditions uses oral interviews, photography, participant observation, historical research and artifact analysis to document cultural traditions passed down within families and communities. Rather than responding to a specific situation, Long Island Traditions’ research projects focus on a particular tradition, such as a kind of music or craft, that is part […]

Photo: 664 Hempstead Ave

Read this Newsday article about a Rockville Centre Historic House.  This home is part of our Historic and Cultural Resource Survey of Rockville Centre, which can be viewed here.

Photo: The Elder Statesmen

The Elder Statesmen: African American Gospel Long Island has one of the most complex music traditions: African American gospel music. The roots stem from the many regional denominations of African American churches. According to African American historian Linda Day, the A.M.E. Zion church was founded in New York by free blacks and has a strong […]

Photo: Mala Desai

Mala Desai: Odissi Indian Dance Teacher Mala Desai is a master teacher and practitioner of the Odissi form of Indian Dance. Born in New Delhi, she spent a significant portion of her life there, but her family traveled a lot because her father worked for the Indian railway. Mala, like other young Indian girls, started […]

Mission Long Island Traditions documents local architecture, from beach bungalows and bay houses to garden apartments and farm buildings. As fishermen and farmers disappear, we fight for the preservation of Long Island’s contemporary maritime and farming culture throughout the region. To recognize and pay tribute to Long Island’s diverse ethnic cultures, we support Irish stepdance, […]

Soundings feature story on Bay Houses Read the full article. Article courtesy of Soundings